Atlantic Ocean as your Frontyard

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    Design inspired by the stunning location, views and the clients' desire to live "in a modern and open house Bali style. With all the cosiness of a traditional Portuguese house" on a great vacation and family-oriented home that would work well for communal gatherings and entertaining
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    To take advantage of the beautiful sea views, we imagined the distinctive Y-shape of the house, which creates three wings, each glazed on both sides. There's a wing for living and study; one for cooking and eating; and one for the master bedroom.
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    The main orientation of the villa to the west coincides with the best views. all windows try to make the most of sunlight during the winter, being filtered through wooden panels when needed.
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    Although its geometric form is in stark contrast to the fluidity of its natural setting, the home's layout establishes strong connections to nature. A link to nature from each interior space was one of client's requirements. Another was flow. He wanted a single level that he could easily move through, from living space to sleeping area.
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    Owners wanted the best view to be from the dining room, which is pointing to Berlengas' island. Next to the dining room an open kitchen easily accommodates friends and family, bridging the two sides of the house as its central point. "We find that visitors to our house almost always end up in the dining room/kitchen area, almost as if it exerts a gravitational pull," Greg says.
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    The building is structured to strategically shield the south areas from the northwest winds. The owners can stand in the garden or have a glass of wine on the pool terrace with friends without feeling like they're going to blow away
A subtle, careful designed home
"The house is fundamentally about engagement," Owner says. "Through its materials and layout, it engages our family of four, the surrounding trees, the views and the local climate. The home is calm too - It sits easily on its site without imposing," he describes.
Obtaining Building Permit
Current status
Silvercoast, Portugal
350 m2

Construction Area
C&S, from Belgium