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We design Mid-Century modern inspired homes for busy entrepreneurs, to have a family retreat and
unplug from their hectic lives.
Creating inspirational projects in Portugal and internationally
Know how to create a distinctive family retreat that lets you unplug and truly savor the best of Portugal's beauty...

... even if you're too busy running your own business.

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Discover how our award-winning approach can bring your vision to life, offering a blend of speed and customization like no other.

Our Vision Breakthrough Accelerator (VBA) program is designed to understand and amplify your architectural aspirations efficiently and effectively.

It's not just a service; it's how we redefine architectural innovation.
I'm Joel Ricardo Rosa
Architect | Enthusiast of Mid-Century Modern Homes and Distinctive Workspaces | Serial Entrepreneur | Property Advisor | Old School Rock Music Lover & Drink Way Too Much Coffee

With over 15 years of experience working with international clients, I aim to master the art of designing "everything but ordinary" family homes in Portugal, expertly tailored for 21st-century living with a bespoke and resort mood.
Start your new Family Haven with our "Vision Breakthrough Accelerator"
We take your first ideas and turn them into a clear plan.

This way, you can see your family haven start taking shape without needing full-scale commitment.

It's an exclusive first step to ensure everything is right for you.

Simple, clear, and made just for you.
Our Exclusive Services
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Vision Breakthrough Accelerator
Experience our flagship service where your vision quickly becomes a detailed plan tailored just for you.

Why wait months, when you can see your vision come to life in weeks?
Exclusive Experience
Enhance your VBA Program with unique cultural, artistic, and material explorations to inspire and refine your project's aesthetic. Dive deep into the world of Mid-Century Modern design with curated visits to galleries and showrooms, complemented by local cuisine and cultural immersions.
Full Architectural Design
and Planning
From Building Permits to Completion, witness how the seamless integration of our services brings your dream space to reality, ensuring seamless integration of VBA principles.
Strategy Sessions
Engage with our experts and dive deep into your project potential and refine your vision and strategy for any scale of project.
From Confusion to Clarity
The Normal Is Broken
Are you...
>>> Tired of the endless wait from concept to creation, watching precious time slip away?

>>> Frustrated by the opaque costs and slow pace of traditional architecture that seem to stretch on indefinitely?

>>> Exhausted by frequent back-and-forths, waiting weeks just to see minor updates to your design?

>>> Overwhelmed by the inconsistent focus, as your architect juggles a mixed bag of projects - from renovations to new builds across different sectors?

The norm in the industry too often leaves ambitious entrepreneurs like you hanging in a maze of uncertainty and delay.

This is especially true in Portugal with our typical laid-back attitude, where processes can be slow, leading to lost time, momentum, excitement, and eventually, financial costs.
Imagine this...
Your project kicks off, but is treated as just another job on the firm's schedule, managed not by the uniqueness of your vision but by their current workload.

The process feels monotonous, confined to unispiring office meetings that lack dynamism and hardly spark true collaborative creativity.

And all too frequently, major portions of your design are completed before vital consultations with city authorities and realistic budget evaluations, inviting inevitable and costly reworks.

But it doesn't have to be that way.
Introducing the Solution:
Vision Breakthrough Accelerator
Enter a different reality with the Vision Breakthrough Accelerator - where your vision fast-forwards to reality.

Picture months of traditional inefficiency compressed into weeks of productive, engaging progress.

Our approach blends speed, clarity, and a deep respect for your time and investment, transforming the cumbersome process into an enriching experience by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and client-centered processes.
Unique Benefits: Speed, Clarity, Personalized Journey
Our accelerator is not a shortcut, but a smarter route.

By integrating the unique aspects of local culture and bespoke experiences, we ensure that every design is not only efficient but deeply connected to its environment.

Whether it's the rich textures of local art or the distinct lines of Mid-Century Modern design, each project becomes a seamless fusion of form and function.

This service includes initial consultations, concept designs, material sampling, mood boards, and conceptual renderings, all within a 6-8 week timeframe.
In today's fast-paced world, time is a luxury.
Our clients are high achievers who value efficiency, quality, and personalization but often lack the time to engage deeply in the traditional, lengthy design process.

Remember the overwhelm of traditional processes?
Now replace that with the excitement and confidence of engaging with VBA.

Our clients often share stories of transformation, expressing relief and satisfaction not just in the pace, but in how the process has enhanced their appreciation of their spaces.

It's about building not just buildings, but legacies.
How It Works - Easy as 1-2-3

Your Vision, Our Insight

We start by immersing ourselves in your world to fully understand your needs and aspirations.

Crafting Unique Solutions
Vision Breakthrough Accelerator
Quickly see your vision start taking shape
with designs that reflect your unique style
and requirements.
In weeks, not months!

Beyond Expectations

Seamlessly move from Design to Planning Permissions and Execution Sets with our streamlined process, ensuring timely and on-budget completion.
Discover, Design, Deliver - Our three-step process ensures your vision is realized with precision and passion.
Selected works - Curated Just for You
Explore a selection of projects that best represent our ideal work and that have been transformed through our VBA program, showcasing the diversity and capability of our architectural solutions.
Quinta da Pedra | CASCAIS

a Modern Oasis crafted for a beautiful and successful family
in the heart of Cascais. 🌿

Immerse yourself in an oceanic panorama
right from your doorstep 🌊
West Cliffs Golf Resort | OBIDOS

Blurring the lines between indoors and out as you relax in an ambiance of unmatched elegance and comfort. ✨
Palmares Ocean Living & Golf | LAGOS

spectacular views of the coastline and the warm Algarve sun
make the home feel open and breezy. ☀️⁠
  • Integration of Local Culture and Art
    Each project is a sensory-rich narrative.

    Imagine the echo of footsteps on locally sourced stone, the aroma of regional cuisine from an integrated kitchen, or the play of light on a custom art installation.

    These aren't just additions; they are fundamental elements that enhance both the aesthetic and functional value of your architectural experience.
  • Leveraging Mid-Century Modern Design
    Our approach mirrors the clean lines and functional beauty of Mid-Century Modern design, known for its organic forms and emphasis on functionality.

    It's a style that resonates due to its timeless appeal, offering a frame through which the local culture and art are not just viewed but experienced.
Our Clients
Our typical client is a dynamic entrepreneur or executive aged 35-50, who balances a bustling professional life with a commitment to creating special moments for their family.

They are globetrotters, accustomed to the hustle and bustle of big cities and have a passion for Mid-Century modern design and a lifestyle that blends understated luxury with comfort.

Their passions include vintage supercars, sports such as tennis and sailing, as well as a love for classic rock.

They value well-lit environments, stylish gathering areas to entertain friends and relax, and comfortable, inspiring spaces for their family that foster joy and unity, compensating for time spent away from home with quality and happiness in their moments together.

They, high-achievers like you, don't just seek spaces; they seek transformations.

They celebrate the enhanced daily living our designs facilitate, on an oasis that reflects their success, eclectic tastes, and love for modern art and culture.

Success Stories
Hear from our Clients
Our clients share their journeys of transformation, showcasing the dramatic enhancements in their lifestyle through our architectural endeavors.

Their stories highlight the personal and practical benefits of working with us.

Feel the excitement, and understand the value our work brought to their lives.
  • Jurgen R.
    C.E.O. | AUSTRIA
    Hi Joel,
    thank you so much for your time and energy on "my" project. I'm really not used to that in my life, so this is a completely new experience for me, but it feels very good and priceless.

    best regards,
  • Claudia Listopad
    Business Owner | U.S.A.
    Joel worked on our project since the early conceptual design phase and became our trusted single point of contact.

    Living overseas limited our availability to undertake such a large project, but Joel was able to overcome this difficulty by preparing methodically for our infrequent visits - his presentations were thorough, efficient, with all consultants as needed, questions anticipated, and team members coordinated.

    We now have a contemporary, spacious and wow property that we are proud to show off.

    The blend of his personal style and an understanding of ours led to a beautiful, practical, and unique home.

  • Viktorija D.
    Entrepreneur | LATVIA
    Hi Joel,
    We are good, looking forward to go back to Portugal.

    We love your original design.
    Fingers crossed that we are able to have 3,5 m tall windows on the first floor - that would be a wow factor when you walk in.

    Again, Harold and I thank you for your amazing work and fast response.

    Have a great weekend!
  • Mark W.
    Hi Joel,
    The design is looking great and we love it!
  • Harold D.
    Joel, I would like to say again that I love the details and the virtual tour. It goes beyond my expectation.
  • Rachael & Alex H.
    Business Founders | ENGLAND
    Hey Joel. Just to say we loved the pool design. You really captured what we didn't know we wanted. So thanks so much!
  • Sofia C. & Sérgio M.
    Working with Joel was very easy from the start.
    Getting the message, which we felt would always be the most complicated stage, was very simple.
    Joel caught our intentions, always taking into account what we could or could not do, and gave us the opportunity to live our home in a way that we never would think possible.
  • Juergen R.
    C.E.O. | AUSTRIA
    Hi Joel,
    This "hideaway" in Cascais looks awesome! I love what you did with the garden space and how you implemented this amazing pool. Looks great!

    You are not only capable of understanding what a client REALLY wants but also capable of transforming this information and data into ARCHITECTURE! This is a great gift, that I personally don't have and YOU obviously have.

    Thanks a lot!
  • Liesel W.
    Hi Joel.

    Thank you again for the chocolates and liquor, very kind of you.
    The house looks amazing and the renderings made me excited to get it built.

    Thank you for your creativity.
  • Viktorija D.
    Entrepreneur | LATVIA
    Wow, congratulations Joel! [their project has clinched the title "Best Luxury Villa in Portugal" by Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2024].

    I am not surprised, you did an amazing job :)
    We need now to finish it as nice as in the design :)!
  • ANTON S.
    Serial Entrepreneur | NETHERLANDS
    We are very pleased to confirm that the cooperation with you to create our home was very successful.
    You translated our ideas into a wonderful design.
    It was important to me that you can think "out of the box".
    As you know we already live in a very unique house so we are very spoilt about this. We thank you again for doing this job for (and with) us.
  • Confidential Client
    Business Founder | SWITZERLAND
    Hi Joel, just wanted to tell you that the design is absolutely great!
    Good work!
  • Michael E.
    Business Owner | UNITED STATES
    Joel Ricardo Rosa is an amazing architect. His website is
  • Peter A.
    As an European project development Company we have worked together with Joel Rosa because the design was always a premium issue.

    When we started to develop at the Silver Coast in Portugal we saw the designs of Joel which made us very enthusiastic.

    One of his qualities is the fact that he listens to the requests of the Client and translates them in a refreshing and unexpected architectural view.
    The harmony of the object is based on the design, and perfectly fitted into its surroundings.

    Our Blue Ocean Design Resort is one of his projects.
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