There are a number of reasons to buy such an Exclusive Design Package. You may love the timeless design; You may feel connected with the Lifestyle it will bring to your family; or you may find any other reason. They're all valid.

    Need more convincing? Here are a few practical reasons:

    • Reduced Timeframe: The project time is reduced because it is already substantially developed and ready for applying for the Building Permit (normally it would take 2 or more months just for the basic design is defined and matured);

    • Fixed Price: You don't have to get quotes from different architects to design the house you love from scratch. The cost of the design is fixed since the beginning and the "more technical" works (Engineerings) and Permiting Process fees can be requested when the design is closed.

    • You and the architect in the same page: no more guessing if the architect is going to match your tastes and the lifestyle you're looking for. If you are here and if you want to move forward with it it's because you found something you liked for your new home.

    • Reduced overwhelm: Designing and building a tailor-made home it's a long journey with a maze of design options, local zoning laws, building codes, and so on. From the moment that there is a design concept to start with, the number of choices and decisions to make are much smaller and easier to manage. That means less headaches, helping you maintain peace of mind. Also, based in the preliminary Review of legal documents related to site and building regulation, it is possible to know with great certainty the design and the program that can be built on that land, before acquiring it. (and if this is to your liking)

    • a clear visual idea of what your home will look like: It allows you to view the big picture - how the house will look like in that specific place, (or see the potential of the property) before any acquisition.