We design Mid-Century modern inspired homes in Portugal,
tailored for busy foreign entrepreneurs seeking a
retreat from their hectic lives.
" We are delighted to have met Joel, as he not only listened and understood our needs but, most importantly, surpassed our expectations by creating a house even better than what we had envisioned.

I particularly appreciate Joel's meticulous attention to detail.
For me, beauty lies in the details, and this sets apart a good architect from a great one.

If you seek a timeless design, I highly recommend Third Skin Architecture with Joel.
It's the way to go."

- Viktorija & Harold (Latvia & Switzerland) - CASCAIS
We will help you create that perfect home for you to unplug from your hectic live with your family.

Y'know, the one you've been designing & building in your mind most of your life.
The one you're eager to step inside after a long day at work ...
The one with a spacious driveway, with ample room for your iconic cars and bikes ...
And sleek lines and modern design that never cease to impress.

You step out of your car and take a deep breath of fresh sea air ...
The waves crash against the shore as you make your way up the sleek, modern steps to your new home.

As you walk through the front door, you're greeted by the sound of laughter and chatter ...
Your spouse and children are gathered in the open-concept living room, with floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the stunning view of the ocean.

You drop your bag on the floor ...
You can't help but smile at the sight, feeling grateful for the beauty that surrounds you.
You can feel the stress of the day melting away as you join them, sinking into the comfortable couch and enjoying the warmth of the fireplace.

It's going to be a great weekend and you just know it.

How to create a distinctive family retreat that lets you unplug and truly savor the best of Portugal's beauty, even if...

... you're too busy running your own business.
No obligations.
Just our exclusive Design Manifesto, which layouts my passions and commitment to creating spaces that resonate with your unique lifestyle.
You'll uncover:
  • The crucial steps to avoid the #1 Mistake Homeowners make when planning their home design, tailored specifically for busy foreign entrepreneurs in Portugal.
  • A detailed breakdown of the 6 Most Important Features that every Mid-Century Modern Home must-have. These transformative features will turn your home into a serene sanctuary, providing the ultimate escape from your hectic daily grind.
  • Unlock Your Dream Mid-Century Modern Home with our 3-step Framework, designed to cater to your busy lifestyle without draining your precious time.
And that's just the beginning!

Dive into a wealth of valuable insights, tips, and much, much more to create the perfect family retreat
that lets you unplug and truly savor the best of Portugal's beauty.
Get Your Design Manifesto Now and Experience the Embrace of Timeless Elegance, Every Single Day!
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About me:
Architect in Lisbon | Serial Entrepreneur | Property Advisor | Soldier's Son | Occasional tennis player |
Old School Rock Music Lover & Drink Way Too Much Coffee
As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the time pressures my clients are under as well as the difficulties in trying to build a new home in a foreign country.

For that reason, we have tailored our services to specifically help them with that.

We also provide a plot advisory service for those who need help finding the right plot of land located in areas with a short travel time to nearby airports on top of our design services.

Being a family man (15 years of marriage and 2 children aged 13 and 7), we focus on helping our clients build a family-oriented home.

Most of our clients have families spread all over the world and Portugal has both the weather and location to be a fantastic central meeting point where the people they love can come together to share holidays and re-bond with each other.